Office plant care

We provide interior plant care services tailored to your office plant care needs. Our plant technicians meticulously groom and care for your interior plants.

We approach plant care from a scientific perspective, utilizing our combined 5+ decades of plant care experience to provide excellent care to your office plants. We do not use chemicals—we are an all-natural, chemical-free office plant care company. Our plant technicians are trained in caring for tropical plants, and utilize the latest plant care practices to promote the positive effects of healthy plants in an office environment.

Our office plant care services include:

  • Watering, trimming, polishing, and mitigating insects or pests.
  • Cleaning soil or debris from around the plant area.
  • Removing hazardous or poisonous plants.
  • Identifying sick plants and developing a mitigation plan.
  • Fertilizing, and rotating or moving plants for appropriate sunlight exposure.
  • Customizing the maintenance schedule to your office plant care needs.

Respect for your office space is at the heart of our office plant care service.

Our plant technicians conform to your office etiquette, and we are committed to providing detailed, mindful customer service to you, your team, and your office plants. We never miss a service day (unless our beautiful Northeast region decides to blizzard), and we are flexible to the shifting time constraints of changing business schedules.

When you work with Outside-In, you receive the utmost in office plant care services. And we’re so confident you’ll enjoy our services, we guarantee our work.

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